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Quick Loans

Quick loans are those loans that can be obtained quickly. The approval time frame can be anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours. They are often offered with no credit check and minimal information.

The applicant for quick loans must be at least 18 years old and be employed or have a constant source of income, often meeting minimum salary requirements. The applicant must also have a bank account that has been active for at least 30 to 90 days and the bank account must be available for electronic transfer. A checking account with direct deposit is a suitable bank account.
The applicant applies for quick loans and upon approval; the funds are electronically transferred to the borrower’s account. When the loan is to be paid back, the lender withdraws the loan and the associated cost from the borrower’s bank account in a onetime transaction.
If the borrower cannot pay back the loan, they should contact the lender and make other arrangements to pay off the loan. The lender would rather work with someone who is having trouble paying the loan than chase the borrower for the pay back. If is the first time you have a problem with the quick loans payback, the lender may have mercy on your soul and bank account and go on easy on the penalties and fees that would otherwise accrue due to a late payment.
Borrower’s can sometime extend the quick loans another payment period but that just increases the total amount that has to be paid back. It is wise to only borrow what is necessary and not the entire amount that is available. The quick loans are meant to solve problems and not create others.
Quick loans can sometimes come from a credit card cash advance. Most credit cards come with the cash advance option for just such a purpose. There is usually a limit to the cash advance. The advance is available through an ATM withdrawal, and the interest rate for the advance is usually higher than a merchandise charge. The finance charge goes into effect the minute the cash is withdrawn and applied to the card. The advance is also part of the available credit. Keep in mind cash advance interest is usually not subject to an introductory rate or any special introductory offers. Cash advance interest rates are not subject to credit card transfers with low rates, either.
Quick loans can also come from a home equity line of credit. Quick loans can be drawn from the equity when needed. The terms and conditions of the loan will be included with the original mortgage agreement, but the actual interest rate will be set at the time of withdrawal, unless the rate is locked in as a condition of the line of credit.
Quick loans can also come from generous family members and friends, as long as making a loan to you does not put them in a financial crunch. Be sure to pay back the people you borrow money from or the next time you are stuck, the answer to a loan request will be “no.”

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